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Easy Ways on How to Create an Effective Outline for Critical Essays
Critical essays are important for students at all levels of education. As a child, you may have to critically analyze the things around you to learn about them. A critical essay may involve the positive as well as negative sides of the topic so that the reader can see both these aspects. 
An outline helps the readers in getting a feel of the content of the whole essay. In the following lines, let us take a look at simple hacks for outlining a critical essay.
The topic
As an essay writer, you should have a relatively good command of the chosen topic to write my essay. It is advised to research the internet for different sources related to the topic. The understanding of the topic means that the writer will be able to break it down to several subtopics. 
An example can be given regarding obesity which is a big problem for the people in general and kids in particular. Comprehensive research will allow the writer to come up with all the relevant causes of the issue and the ways to control it. You cannot make a good outline unless you have read thoroughly about the topic.
This section of the outline will introduce the topic and the major issue faced by the society. The points in this section should contain some statistics and facts. The reader should be convinced that the topic chosen poses a serious threat to society.
You can also state your thesis statement in this part of the outline. In the case of obesity, the thesis statement may be,” the problem is persistent and the government and other authorities have not taken enough actions about it”.
The body part of the essay contains three distinct paragraphs at the minimum. There can be more paragraphs in this section depending upon the requirement. The critical essay outline should mention the major points and the sub-points within them. In the case of obesity, the lack of exercise can be one major point. The writer will then search for the reasons which lead to a lack of exercise. The first point may be indoor video games.Remember, the essay writing service is the best source of quality essays. 
The writer will have to provide evidence from some past research to justify that playing video games causes obesity. The next point will be the role of parents and teachers in this scenario. The overall role of schools in providing space for physical activities should also be discussed.
The second point will be the higher consumption of fast food by the children. The essay writing service will have to provide evidence that the consumption of fast food causes obesity to increase. The ingredients of fast food may also be analyzed which causes obesity in the children. 
The role of fast food companies and their marketing campaigns can also be assessed. The writer should evaluate the marketing campaigns of fast food companies critically. It should be justified with some evidence that these marketing efforts have been focused on children. Some changes may also be proposed.
This part will relate to the thesis statement. The evidence provided in the body section will be used to accept the thesis statement. The role of authorities and government may be revisited and some improvements may be proposed. The conclusion may restate all the important points made in the body section so that the reader can also revise them. 
Some readers jump directly to the conclusion after reading the introduction. They just want to see if these two sections are logically related to each other or not. If there is a logical connection between the two, they will read the body section with more interest.

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